Bullitt County students capture winter in photos


By Bobby Ellis

One thing that we always enjoy doing at the Kentucky Department of Education is highlighting the work of students. As a photographer, one thing I’ve always enjoyed is meeting and talking to some of the talented student photographers that work for Kentucky’s school newspapers and yearbooks. 

So, as winter comes to a close, we here at Kentucky Teacher thought it might be a neat idea to see what some students from across the state have been up to with their photography. 

Along with getting to see some awesome student work, there also will be comments about what I think makes the picture worth highlighting. 

All of these photos come from the the third annual Snowmageddon Student Photo Contest in Bullitt County and were brought to our attention by John Roberts, the communication director at Bullitt County Public Schools. 

You can view the whole gallery from the contest at this link

There’s very nice use of the the rule of thirds and leading lines in this photo. The photo definitely gives off an idea of excitement, as I’m reminded of being a kid and getting my sled out for the first big snow of the season.
Photo by Mason Roach, 8th-grade, Mount Washington Middle School
Good job freezing the action here. The sun shining through the falling snow adds a depth to the photo that makes it something more than just a picture of a tree and a sunset.
Photo by Madison Nunn, 6th-grade, Zoneton Middle School
Great use of color contrast between the sky and the blue shadow. This time of day is known as the golden hour, and it takes a lot of patience to shoot it properly, especially when it’s freezing cold out.
Photo by Emaline Scamahorn, 3rd-grade, Nichols Elementary School
Beyond it just being cute, there’s some really great detail in the picture. There was good exposure to bring out details in both the highlights and the shadows. Also, the photographer had good use of bokeh, or a blurry background, and depth of field.
Photo by Ashely Renfrow, 12th-grade, Bullitt Central High School
This is a very good story telling image. It gives a sense of scale and nothing helps drive home the sense of cold like a frozen waterfall. Also, the photographer took the time to line up their shot to make sure they were in the middle of the creek. I can’t be sure, but my guess is they probably got some wet feet doing so. That’s dedication.
Photo by Savannah Gould, 11th-grade, Bullitt Central High School
I really like the contrast in this photo, the green leaves surrounded by the reflection of snow. It really gives the idea of this cold little plant trying to hold out during the cold snap. There’s also some detailed framing going on, using the rule of thirds to place the green just off center and in the middle of a natural frame created by the reflection of the branches.
Photo by Truly Robey, 9th-grade, Bullitt Central High School
There is very good use of light in this shot. Shooting into the sun is always difficult and getting that nice blue sky to come through is tricky on the best days, especially when you’ve got a bunch of bright reflective snow to add to your worries. There is good composition with the tree in the middle of the frame, and the shadows add nice leading lines to the image.
Photo by Dylan Giardina, 10th grade, Bullitt East High School



  1. All credit for the Snowmageddon Student Photo Contest in Bullitt County goes to Traci Gould, who is the Nichols Elementary/Shepherdsville Elementary Family Resource Center Coordinator. She is also an incredible photographer in her own right. This contest was her brainchild and she organized the whole thing during snow days. Really nice.