Superintendent Spotlight: Mickey Brangers, West Point Independent

Mickey Brangers
Mickey Brangers

The West Point Independent school district is a unique place as one of the smallest districts in the state. It is a kindergarten-8th grade school that has a higher transient student population as compared to other districts. Attendance can range from 90-180 total students in a four-year span.

Since 2013, the district has implemented the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing program which has helped staff monitor the success of each student. West Point Independent offers in-school extended school services as a way of reaching those students who are at least one grade level behind. The district also started a program called “Third Grade Proficient,” where students must be proficient in the 3rd grade before they can advance.

Age is not a factor here at West Point Independent. It will become one of the first districts in the state to offer performance-based learning/blended learning/self-directed learning starting in the 3rd grade. District staff will have options to offer traditional learning along with computer programs allowing students to pace themselves. West Point Independent has one-to-one laptops in grades 3-8 and one-to-one Unobooks and iPads for younger students. Technology is the way of the future and self-directed learning is becoming the focus.

Those students whose teachers feel they can succeed on their own will have the opportunity to work at their own pace. Students will be able to earn high school credits while in the 7th and 8th grade and have elective time to investigate various career options. The district also is offering computer classes for 2nd- and 3rd-grade students in order to help prepare them for the learning opportunities with performance-based learning.

West Point Independent takes pride in the great heritage of the community by hosting an archaeological dig at the school enabling students to develop a greater appreciation of the history of their community while applying their learning in a real world setting. In addition, students visit Fort Duffield and the West Point, Kentucky History Museum every year to see how West Point has developed over the years.