Superintendent’s Spotlight: Steve Miracle, Trimble County

Steve Miracle
Steve Miracle

The Trimble County school district had a strong focus during the 2015-16 school year on putting effective systems into place that promote student achievement and success including an effective novice reduction plan and effective Response to Intervention (RtI) plan at the district level.

The goals set by the district were very high. The district set a proficiency target of 60 percent in each grade level, a proficiency growth of 40 percent by the end of the year, a novice reduction rate of 50 percent by the end of the year and a novice target of 8 percent.

The results have been very positive.

  • There were no novice students in 1st grade reading and mathematics at both elementary schools and in 5th-grade mathematics at Milton Elementary School.
  • The district reduced the percentage of novice students by 50 percent in 14 of 15 classes in mathematics and 13 of 15 classes in reading.
  • Nine of 15 classes reached the novice target of 8 percent in mathematics and six of 15 classes in reading.
  • Seven of 15 classes had a growth rate of more than 40 percent in mathematics and 6 of 15 classes did so in reading.
  • Seven of 15 classes reached the proficiency target of 60 percent in both mathematics and reading.

While this success can be attributed to some degree to the implementation of the novice reduction plan and an effective RtI system, it can greatly be attributed to the hard work of the district’s staff and students. While this is only based on Discovery Education Assessment data and it remains to be seen if it will translate to similar results in K-PREP assessments, Trimble County is very proud of the success of its students and the efforts of its teachers to make it about every student, every day with no excuses.