Saturday, November 25, 2017

All students deserve opportunities to find their passion

A trip to the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s State Marching Band Championships got me thinking about how important opportunity is for all of our students.

Time to flip the script on our thinking about achievement gaps

In order to tackle Kentucky's achievement gap, we need to recognize it is all of our problem, and all of our responsibility to remedy this disparity in student achievement.

Uniting for a common purpose

Although Sept. 11, 2001, was a horrible tragedy, it united the country in a way few had seen. It's time to create a new sense of unity to improve Kentucky's education system and help create the future of the Commonwealth.

Taking ownership for closing achievement gaps

Achievement gaps have been around for decades. They exist in nearly every school, every school district and every state. Everyone agrees we have to do something about gaps – something that will solve the issue once and for all – but then it grows quiet.

The dream

Ask any teacher this week if they’ve had “the dream” and most would say yes.

Getting ready for opening day

We’re quickly reaching the opening day on another school year and I feel just as much excitement now as I did back in my classroom. But this isn’t just another year. We have the chance to create something great in Kentucky.

Your comment is needed on proposed ESSA regulations

Although Kentuckians from across the Commonwealth have been eager to make their voices heard about what they want in a new accountability system, their voices still could be overshadowed.

Courage in the face of change

Kentucky educators have seen great change over the past few years, but it has made us stronger and it has made a better life for our students.

Dr. Pruitt goes to Washington

The commissioner goes to Washington to testify about the new Every Student Succeeds Act regulations and urges people to submit their feedback about the regulations by the Aug. 1 deadline.

Off to a good start on a new accountability system

Last week, we had our first meeting of the Accountability Steering Committee. It is composed of 37 individuals representing teachers, principals, superintendents, community members, higher education and education advocates – including the business community, legislators and parents.