Friday, February 24, 2017

Why engage in professional learning communities/teams?

The professional learning community is a buzzword in the educational world, with schools and districts setting up schedules and mandating PLC time. Some educators, however, wonder if the original intent and purpose of professional learning communities has been lost.

Math matters question of the month

Share your thoughts about November's math question with the Kentucky Department of Education mathematics consultants.

Kentucky teachers are called to action with #ObserveMe

Robert Kaplinsky’s, a mathematics teacher specialist in California, says teachers can open their classroom doors and inspire each other to build a culture of continuous improvement.

Northern Kentucky math teachers invited to mini-conference

The Northern Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NKCTM) will hold its fall mini-conference Nov. 17 at Dixie Heights High School in Crestview Hills. NKCTM...

Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference schedule set

Are you ready for this year’s Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference? Here’s a rundown of what is scheduled for the Nov. 4-5 event.

Check out these 2017 spring mathematics conferences

Although it’s not even Halloween yet, it’s not too early to begin looking at spring mathematics conferences. Here are a few to keep your eyes on.

Talking about math in the classroom

Math is thought of as the universal language of logic, but that distinction belies just how much good old-fashioned language is actually involved in mathematical processing.

Finding inspiration in a week of math

Some teachers in Kentucky started their year off this fall with a week full of inspirational math lessons from Jo Boaler’s youcubed, a website that offers five days of lesson plans and tasks designed to instill a positive mindset about math in students.

Kentucky’s Committee for Mathematics Achievement stands out as a national model

If it weren’t for Bill Bush, an influential professor of mathematics education at the University of Kentucky, the Commonwealth might be like any other state in its approach to mathematics achievement.

PIMSER offers fall professional learning courses

The Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform at the University of Kentucky is offering several professional learning opportunities this fall.