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March 2022

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KDE’s Local Superintendents Advisory Council hears updates on legislation, amendments to education records regulation

By |2022-04-13T13:25:40-04:00April 13, 2022|News|

The Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) Local Superintendents Advisory Council (LSAC) heard updates on House Bill (HB) 9, Senate Bill (SB) 9, amendments to policies on school-related student trips, and revisions to a regulation regarding student records and hearing procedures during its April 12 meeting.

March 2022

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March 2022

Shelby County’s L3 looking for ways to get broader picture of student growth in assessment system

By |2022-03-03T11:43:51-05:00March 3, 2022|Guest Columns|

This is the first  in a series of columns highlighting the work being done across Kentucky by members of Local Laboratories of Learning (L3s). The L3s are part of the Kentucky Department of Education’s United We Learn Initiative, which is how Kentucky educators, families and community leaders will use innovation and meaningful student experience to prepare students for the future.

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