The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Transformational Change Leadership Series, led by Mike Rutherford, consists of three one-day conference experiences offered in both Lexington (Central Bank Center) and Bowling Green (Hyatt Place) from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local time.

Participants interested in attending the sessions at the Central Bank Center in Lexington should mark their calendars to attend on September 21, October 26 and November 31. Participants interested in participating at the Hyatt Place location in Bowling Green should mark their calendars to attend on September 22, October 27, and December 1. Each conference experience also includes a 60 minute, virtual pre- and post-conference support session. Each conference experience is designed for optimal engagement, relevance and applicability. The conference series and support sessions come at no cost to participants.  

Conference 1 will engage participants in an in-depth study of the nature and logic behind transformational school leadership and how transformational change leadership differs from leadership for continuous, incremental improvement. Topics will include the leadership concepts of self-awareness, characteristics of high-trust organizations, servant leadership values, developing a personal leadership platform, collecting and interpreting date to support school transformation, and the role of instructional leadership for transformational change.  
Conference 2 will focus on designing and leading change, improvement science, leadership transitions, futuring and paradigm studies, creating meaningful work and principles of sustainability.
Conference 3 will center on the study of how organizational culture can be assessed and shaped to catalyze transformational change, creating community, developing constituent voice, attracting and retaining talent, leading great groups and how to effectively market/brand a school’s improvement vision.

Each attendee interested in participating in the training series must complete the registration form no later than August 31, 2022. Questions regarding the training should be directed to Tim Godbey at