High school students invited to apply to Global Citizen Certificate Program


Registration is open for the Global Citizenship Certificate Program (GCCP), a comprehensive global educational program to guide high school students in expanding their global perspectives with international experiences. Students will lead their own path through the structured framework of the program developed by the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana to complete the program’s requirements at their own pace over two to four years. 

Students enrolled in the GCCP will add to their regular high school experience with a variety of globally focused coursework and extracurricular experiences and track their progress online via an app. Upon completion of the GCCP with a capstone project, each student will receive a certificate demonstrating their ability to:

  • Investigate the world and recognize diverse perspectives;
  • Communicate with diverse groups; and
  • Translate ideas into positive action.

The program is open to students in grades 9-11. The application deadline is Oct. 15. Visit the World Affairs Council’s website for more information and a link to apply.

With one in five jobs in Kentucky directly tied to international trade, global citizenship and competency are becoming necessities for ensuring that students are workplace-ready, both internationally and locally. Kentucky is one of 11 states to offer global education certificate programs to high school students.  However, just 17 percent of K-12 students in the state are currently enrolled in a foreign language course, and financial barriers remain high for many students from low-income backgrounds seeking international experiences.

The GCCP is free, and representatives from the council also are available to visit schools to discuss the benefits the GCCP provides to students. Email Samantha Risen for more information.