Georgetown University offers internship opportunities for students


Leadership Initiatives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating future leaders through experiential learning, partners with Georgetown University to give outstanding high school students the opportunity to gain real-world experience, explore future careers, develop leadership skills and experience college life through summer internships.

Leadership Initiatives has more than $200,000 in grant money to put toward its Future Leaders Mentorship Scholarship. Teachers may nominate outstanding students for the Youth Development Programs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Any educator-nominated student will receive priority consideration for admissions and $1,000 in tuition assistance, free SAT/ACT training, college application training, essay editing assistance, two letters of recommendation and scholarship application assistance. These benefits remain available for four years to allow nominations for rising freshmen through rising seniors.

The 2019 teacher nomination form is located on the Leadership Initiatives website. Here are the summit dates and information:

  • Advanced Law and Trial Internship Summit (July 7-13 and July 14-20): Participants will intern for Goodwin Weber PLLC to create key case arguments and have their work incorporated into the cases, which will be heard in fall 2019. Students will be given the unique opportunity to work with the American Civil Liberties Union, District of Columbia police officers, prosecutors and law professors from Georgetown University Law School.
  • International Leadership and Business Internship Summit (June 30-July 6 and July 21-27): Participants will partner with Nigerian small business owners to help them create innovative solutions to problems facing their businesses. At the end of the week, top presentations will receive grants to make their solutions a reality for their business partner. Throughout the internship, students will connect with leaders from prominent corporations, along with international development experts. Students also will attend exclusive tours of the Nigerian, Swedish, Chinese, Israeli, French and Iraqi embassies. Each embassy visit will have a special question–and-answer session with embassy officials.
  • Advanced Medical and Public Health Summit (July 21-27 and July 28-Aug. 3): Participants will learn about diseases impacting the developing world from doctors and medical professionals at Georgetown. This knowledge will help interns diagnose a patient in real-time using Oculus-Rift technology. Students also will work with the Red Cross to become certified in first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator. Students will partner with a cadre of experts in surgery, medical research, emergency room medicine and physical therapy to learn about future medical careers.    
  • Advanced Medical Neuroscience Summit (June 23-29): Participants will apprentice for world-renowned neuroscientist and chief of Georgetown’s neuroethics program Dr. James Giordano. Students will participate in cutting-edge neuroscience experiments that explore the biological foundations of the brain. As a final project, students will design and propose an experiment related to cognitive neuroscience and neuroethics in order to focus and apply their understanding. Participants will present these proposed experiments to leading neuroscientists, and members of the winning team will be asked to write a paper to be published on their theories.