McConnell Center offers program for Louisville-area high school students


The McConnell Center at the University of Louisville will offer a program Dec. 11 for high school students in the Jefferson County schools and the Louisville area that will examine the interaction between economic and political institutions in America.

“Introduction to Philosophy, Politics and Economics” will feature Jim Harrigan and Anthony Davis of the Foundation for Economic Education and will consider:

  • Why do societies create economic and political institutions?
  • What benefits emerge from economic institutions?
  • What benefits emerge from political institutions?
  • What happens when economic and political institutions conflict with each other?

Lunch will be provided to students, teachers and chaperones, and bus funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Teachers must register their school groups in advance; the registration deadline is Nov. 15. Email Natalie Smith to register or visit UofL’s website for more information.