Kentucky 4-H encouraging schools to welcome international youth delegates


Kentucky 4-H is seeking to encourage Kentucky schools to allow international youth delegates from the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program to visit their schools in July and August.

Kentucky 4-H has partnered with the States’ 4-H International Program to host international youth in Kentucky from various countries for more than 40 years. The program seeks to expand to more Kentucky families, but the start of the school year overlaps with the program and that can create a hurdle for participation.

The international delegates are in Kentucky a total of four weeks in July and August, and they stay with host families across the state. The delegates will not enroll in American schools, as they are visiting the United States for a cultural exchange experience. Kentucky 4-H is asking for schools to allow delegates to visit their host sibling’s school in hopes that the program will continue the learning process for Kentucky youth, propelling their desire to contribute to our global society.

Through allowing international delegates to shadow their host siblings, Kentucky schools will be providing young people the opportunity to make a real-world connection to another culture, deepening learning outcomes. The Kentucky 4-H International Program aims to aid in the expansion of the worldview of young people across the state by actively contributing to their development as global citizens through diverse learning opportunities. The program allows Kentucky youth the opportunity to develop and practice their understanding that we live in an interconnected society.

Visit the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program website for more information on the program. Visit the Kentucky 4-H website for more information on how families can host students or email Rachel Noble for more information.