EPA seeking schools for Air Quality Flag Program


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking new participants for its Air Quality Flag Program, which can inform students, staff and parents about the air quality in their communities. The EPA is offering schools that register for the program a free set of flags, subject to availability.

Participating schools raise one of five flags each day that corresponds to how clean or polluted the air is and that matches the EPA’s air quality index (AQI). Schools can involve students in the program by having them check the index at the EPA’s air quality website or on the Kentucky Division for Air Quality’s website.

The flag program works best in areas that have local AQI forecasting, but any school may participate. Participating schools also receive a free outreach visit from members of the Division of Air Quality’s education staff, who can present to students about air pollution, health and things students can do to make a difference for cleaner air.

Visit the program’s webpage to register for the program, and email Roberta Burnes at the Division for Air Quality to schedule a free outreach visit. Schools registered by May 19 are eligible for a free flag set.