Stock Market Game teaches economics, investing


Teachers in grades 5-12 may register their students to participate in the Stock Market Game (SMG), an interactive, educational simulation and competition that teaches personal finance, economics, technology and team-building skills and can be used in mathematics, reading, writing, economics, social studies and business classes.

In the Stock Market Game, students invest $100,000 from a virtual cash account in stocks and/or mutual funds, attempting to create the best-performing portfolio using a real-world internet trading simulation. The SMG can be taught independently or as a project-based learning activity.

The SMG in Kentucky is coordinated by the Murray State University (MSU) Center for Economic Education. Participating teachers gain access to stock market curriculum resources to help them better prepare their students for the competition.

Teachers may register teams of two to four students for fall or spring competitions. The competition dates for 2019-2020 are:

  • Fall: Sept. 16-Dec. 6
  • Spring: Jan. 27-April 17

Visit MSU’s website or the SMG website for more information.