Mobile public safety exhibits available from state police


The Kentucky State Police offers public education exhibits that schools can utilize to promote public safety in Kentucky communities. These resources provide a visual reminder about the dangers behind drug abuse and risky driving behaviors.

There are four public education exhibits available for reservation. YouTube videos show the lessons that can be learned through each unit. The exhibits are:

  • Mobile Drug Education Unit – This is an interactive exhibit featuring 14 digital screens to display information regarding the consequences of narcotic abuse. (video)
  • Roll Over Simulator – This unit demonstrates the dangers of what happens when a driver or passenger chooses not to wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a vehicle. (video)
  • Driving Simulator – This unit helps depict distracted driving to all ages. By sending text messages to the “operator” of the simulator, this exhibit showcases how unsafe distracted driving can be. It also will add other challenges such as driving in extreme weather conditions. (video)
  • Crash Trailer – Serving as a visual reminder to the harsh realities of impaired driving and excessive speed, the Crash Trailer showcases the aftermath of a vehicular crash. The exhibit features an actual crash scene that occurred on a Kentucky roadway, giving viewers a live view of what happens when you drive impaired. (video)

Visit KSP’s website for more information, or contact your local KSP post to reserve an exhibit.