White House Historical Association offers digital education resources


The White House Historical Association (WHHA) is continuing its work remotely by helping educators utilize its digital education resources for online classrooms and non-traditional instruction.

Its free resources include:

  • Resource packets – Easy-to-use PDFs cover 30 different topics related to White House history. Highlighted topics include “Roles of the President,” “First Kids” and “Technology and the White House.” Each PDF contains a short contextual essay, a list of primary and secondary source images with live links and three or four activity suggestions.
  • A children’s book list – WHHA has compiled a list of recommended White House literature for young readers. Several of the titles can be purchased in the WHHA’s online shop.
  • Short education videos – WHHA’s resource videos provide expertise and insight into important moments of White House history from historians, authors and a former White House staffer. Each video is less than five minutes long. The WHHA YouTube channel also features archived historian lectures, a 2008 video tour of the White House and more.

Other learning resources include “Slavery in the President’s Neighborhood,” which explores the complicated past and paradoxical relationship between slavery and freedom in Washington with an interactive timeline, and a digital library that features thousands of images from White House history.

Visit the WHHA website for more on educational resources or email education@whha.org for more information.