NASA at Home resources bring agency’s work to students


NASA has launched a collection of resources designed to engage students in the agency’s discoveries, research and exploration from around the world and across the universe while they are utilizing non-traditional instruction.

NASA at Home brings together a repository of videos and podcasts, e-books, do-it-yourself projects and virtual and augmented reality tours, as well an app that puts students in the pilot’s seat of a NASA aircraft.

The collection also features educational and entertaining resources and activities for families and students in kindergarten and up. It also provides access to formal lesson plans and imagery and stories about how science and exploration change the world.

There are opportunities for citizen scientists to contribute to real, ongoing research from their homes, including searching for brown dwarfs and planets in the outer solar system and helping track changes in clouds, water, plants and other life in support of climate research.

There also will be opportunities to interact with and hear from NASA experts. For example, record-breaking astronaut Christina Koch will read children’s books at 4 p.m. ET weekdays on Instagram live as part of an educational and STEM activity for students.

In addition, NASA Television is running NASA at Home-themed programming from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.