TNTP resources can help schools partner with families, stakeholders


TNTP (formerly The New Teacher Project) has released two resources to help schools partner with families and other stakeholders virtually as they adapt to at-home learning, including a survey any school system can use to gather feedback during extended closures.

A stakeholder survey is designed to give school system leaders regular updates on how families, students, teachers and other staff members are experiencing the shift to at-home learning. The survey questions are free to everyone; TNTP will administer the survey for a fee.

A guide to partnering with families virtually offers other practical tips for strengthening relationships with families and students using virtual tools.

These are part of a series of resources offered by TNTP to help school systems navigate the COVID-19 emergency and plan for reopening. More resources will be added in the coming weeks.

Visit TNTP’s website to access the resources.