An afternoon of Kentucky ballads


By Bobby Ellis

I didn’t exactly plan on making a video when I showed up to Lafayette Senior High School (Fayette County) to make this photo blog about Millie Fields and her talented singers. 

But sometimes when you get into a situation, you realize that still photography just won’t tell the whole story. 

The students I had come to photograph were rehearsing for a musical performance that will take place on Dec. 4 at the University of Kentucky as part of a program put on by the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA). 

All of the music was written by Kentucky composer John Jacob Niles. 

“You can’t get any more Kentucky,” said Millie Fields, the high school SCAPA teacher at Lafayette. “I knew Niles and he would love this, I know that.” 

When I arrived at Lafayette, Fields was practicing with her soloists. It made for a photography predicament. Fields, her piano and about four students in a room meant that I was going to have a tough time filling up this blog. 

“You’re going to be doing some video, right?” asked Fields. 

I didn’t have a tripod or a microphone, but what better way to show off the musical skills of these students than a little video?