Superintendents’ Spotlight: Travis Hamby, Trigg County

Travis Hamby
Travis Hamby

Trigg County has embarked on a journey to transform the learning experience for students, referring to this as the 21C Movement – Empowering the Next Generation. The district believes that true college- and career-readiness goes beyond a test score, and includes both academic knowledge and 21st-century skills. The goal is to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences where students must apply the academic knowledge and 21st-century skills they are learning.

Initially, the district struggled to rethink what school should look like, as most of the staff’s exposure had been to traditional school models. The team has aggressively sought out the best schools in the state and nation to visit as it envisions the deeper learning experience it wants to provide. Additionally, Trigg County has partnered with the University of Kentucky and the Next Generation Leadership Academy to help think about school differently.

Students have been key players in transformation efforts, serving on the design team and participating alongside teachers in professional development experiences. Student voice clearly identifies the need for school to be more aligned with their interests, have more active and hands-on learning experiences, provide for the integration of content and award grades that truly reflect student learning. As a result, there’s emphasis on competency-based education, mastery and personalized learning, primarily delivered through project-/problem-based and blended learning.

The Trigg County Board of Education has supported this work by investing resources in professional learning for educators, school visits, a district resource teacher and technology tools. This support, coupled with the vision to create something better for students, is fostering an environment where it is safe to take risks and ultimately create a culture of innovation.

With four schools all on one campus, the district enjoys a close-knit school community where students and educational professionals can easily collaborate. In his fifth year as superintendent, Travis Hamby is excited about the innovative practices the district’s teachers, students and administrators have designed and embraced.