Superintendent’s Spotlight: Patrick Waddell, Edmonson County

Patrick Waddell
Patrick Waddell

Superintendent Patrick Waddell views one of his most important roles as an advocate for the Edmonson County school district and promoting the district’s many positives in academics, athletics, service programs or other areas of progress and achievement.

One key element of the district’s success is the people who fill each school and classroom. The district’s teachers and staff understand the power of connection and insist on success for Edmonson County’s children.

Edmonson County has earned a Proficient rating under the state’s Unbridled Learning accountability system for three consecutive years. This is no small feat and the district staff – from finance, budgeting and energy efficiency to assessment practices, standards implementation, support programming and technology – is to be commended. Regardless of roles in the district, every decision the staff and teachers in Edmonson County make is about the kids.

The district’s shared vision is success for all students in all buildings and it is very important to focus on each individual student. It is Edmonson County’s goal to support students, teachers, staff and parents by promoting a safe, learning-centered culture focused on maintaining high-quality curriculum, instruction and assessment in order to continually improve and advance academic achievement.

College- and career-readiness has been a major focus throughout the district. It is the driving force in building a strong foundation for all students to assist them in becoming well-prepared for their future educational and career options. All schools throughout the district focus on data and use multiple measures of data prior to implementing changes with the focus continuing to be on each individual student.

In Edmonson County, education is a partnership of family, school and the community. The district’s schools continually build on the strong foundation set from year to year and have set the expectation that each individual student will be successful throughout life.