Superintendents’ Spotlight: D. Sean Howard Glasgow Independent

D. Dean Howard
D. Dean Howard

The Glasgow Independent school district has steadily improved over the last four years as evidenced by state accountability data. The district performed in the 82nd percentile in 2011-12, the 89th percentile in 2012-13 and the 96th percentile in 2013-14. In ACT administration, Glasgow High School has moved from 66th in the state in 2011-12 to 22nd in 2013-14. Over the same span, the dropout rate has gone from 1.9 percent to 0.6 percent.

None of the improvements in the above data is simply due to happenstance. There has been a methodical approach to improvement in the district. District administrators have worked tirelessly, invoking a sense of prolonged improvement for our students. District leadership, principals, teachers and support staff have taken the challenges set before them and have devoted themselves to making a difference in each child’s life.

A major focus was providing exceptional opportunities for students which were previously non-existent or were not functioning as highly as possible. A new venture for the district was the expansion to an all-day preschool in 2011. The preschool enrollment has risen from approximately 50 students in 2010 to currently serving more than 145 students. Also, the Gifted and Talented program was overhauled to include two full-time teachers in the areas of mathematics and science serving 130 students in grades 3 through 7 weekly. This initiative was appropriately called the C.E.L.T.I.C. (Creating Enriched Learning Through Innovative Curriculum) Academy.

This initiative has grown to include language arts, visual arts, and, later this school year, performing arts. Glasgow Independent is a district that has been blessed with caring, knowledgeable, dependable teachers and staff who desire to stretch the most out of every opportunity. Combine these individuals with a community who supports the district’s efforts and holds it accountable and the results are astounding. Glasgow Independent truly reflects its mantra of “Guide, Inspire, Succeed.”