GoTeachKY using 10 teacher ambassadors to promote teaching profession 


The GoTeachKY campaign to recruit the next generation of educators has partnered with 10 teacher ambassadors across the state to help promote the teaching profession.

Ambassadors were selected from a pool of applicants who answered the call for teachers interested in supporting this new statewide initiative. These ambassadors have three goals:

  • Communicate with and inspire students in high school and college to consider teaching as a career;
  • Communicate with potential and current teachers to positively capture the rewards and opportunities associated with a career in teaching; and
  • Support and promote the central focus areas, programs and organizations of GoTeachKY, such as Educators Rising and the Teaching and Learning career pathway.

The 2020 GoTeachKY Ambassadors are:

  • DeeAnna Albright, Carter County schools
  • Erin Ball, Scott County schools and the 2020 Kentucky Teacher of the Year
  • Bruce Blanton, Shelby County schools
  • Jennifer Emberton, Simpson County schools
  • Miles Johnson, Jessamine County schools
  • Ashley Judd, Jackson County schools
  • Theresa McDavid-Dobbins, Boyd County schools
  • Christine Meisberger, Scott County schools
  • Noraa Ransey, Calloway County schools
  • Cathy Thrasher, Daviess County schools

Each ambassador has a unique story that brought them into the teaching profession. These stories will be featured in GoTeachKY’s social media campaign as real-life examples of the different pathways available to future educators. Ambassadors also will represent GoTeachKY at career fairs and other speaking engagements. They will serve through June.