How to assign dual-credit course codes


The local district and school should be the ones making the determination of which course code to use for students in terms of dual-credit courses.

This determination should be made based on the content of the course that is being offered by the school’s partnering college. There is no master list of aligned courses between all colleges and secondary course codes.

Career and technical education (CTE) dual-credit courses do not typically use special 800000 course codes. CTE dual credit should, in almost every case, be coded to the regular CTE course code that most closely aligns to the content of the college course that is being offered.

For example, Murray State’s AGR 182 Introduction to Pre-Vet Science should use the Veterinary Science 020511 state course code. This also means that based on the course code chosen for the CTE dual-credit course, there typically would be no need to request a modification to the student’s career pathway, because 020511 Veterinary Science already counts in the appropriate pathway.

Counselors should check the career pathways offered at their school to determine if the secondary code they are using for the dual-credit course is already valid for a particular pathway prior to submitting a modification request.

Here are a few documents that might be able to help in deciding which course code to use: