Friday, January 28, 2022

Real science for real life: Buoyancy

The Kentucky Academy of Science helps you understand the science behind buoyancy.

Science Through-Course Task Bank available for the 2017-18 school year

The Science Through Course Task Bank for the 2017-18 school year is now available and can be accessed through SharePoint.
Fourth-grade students at Alex R. Kennedy Elementary School (Jefferson County) become electrical engineers during an Engineering is Elementary unit about designing alarm circuits. Submitted photo by Erin Bloomer

Building a STEAM program from scratch

Jefferson County's Erin Bloomer describes how she created a STEM program from scratch and what kind of possibilities STEM opens up for her students.

NGSS student work rubrics released

SCALE and the Literacy Design Collaborative have released a set of Next Generation Science Standards-aligned student work rubrics for K-12.

Science through-course task field test update

Kentucky science teachers tried something new this year, and there is little doubt that the through-course task component of the new Science Assessment System can make a big difference in science education across the Commonwealth.

Understanding ecosystems through aquaponics

By making connections between ecosystems and conservation through the construction of a recycled bottle ecosystem, preschoolers discover the intricacies of living things in a hands-on way that allows them to direct their own learning.

Kentucky’s science assessment system: What is it?

Each of the science assessment system's three components is essential to advancing teaching and learning, and each provides necessary information for particular users and purposes.
Joshua Woodward, bottom left, a chemistry/physics teacher at Berea Community High School, and his students say goodbye to a high-altitude weather balloon they launched in April. The launch and the balloon, fitted with three cameras, data recorders and a GPS tracker, was a project-based learning experience for his students. Photo courtesy of Joshua Woodward

Pirates in space

Berea Community High School students planned and carried out an investigation that took place above their classroom. Actually, 107,000 feet above their classroom to be exact!
Cheyenne Mills

Why through-course tasks should be seen as an opportunity

Boyle County's Cheyenne Mills says through-course tasks are wonderful tools that support how teachers and administrators look at science instruction .
Chris Check films Sarah Burns, a 2nd-grade teacher at North Washington Elementary (Washington County), for KET as she teaches her students about volcanoes and how they change the landscape. The videos of Burns and 11 other Washington County teachers using formative assessment practices will be available on PBS Learning Media. Photo by Bobby Ellis, March 21, 2017

Performance of science

Washington County science teachers work to improve instruction and assessment across the state and nation with formative assessment practices.