Thursday, July 9, 2020
Sharon Porter Robinson, a member of the Kentucky Board of Education, talks with Brionna Jaggers, a junior at The Academy @ Shawnee (Jefferson County), in one of Jeramiah Elsner’s science classes. Photo by Toni Konz Tatman, Feb. 20, 2020

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Sharon Porter Robinson brings interest in education policy to board

After a long career in education, self-described policy wonk Sharon Porter Robinson is working to close the gap between education policy and practice as a member of the Kentucky Board of Education.
Lee Todd, a member of the Kentucky Board of Education, talks with representatives of career and technical student organizations who were recognized at a KBE meeting in Frankfort.

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Lee Todd wants to help Kentucky students ‘dream faster’

Lee Todd, a former president of the University of Kentucky and a member of the Kentucky Board of Education, said it’s important for educators to help students realize what is possible beyond the world they can see.
Kentucky Board of Education Vice Chair Lu Young sits on a defense committee at Barret Traditional Middle (Jefferson County).

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Lu Young brings a voice for students in generational poverty

After breaking the curse of generational poverty and becoming her family’s first college graduate, Vice-Chair of the Kentucky Board of Education looks to bring her expertise to the board and help children across Kentucky break the same cycle.
Kentucky Board of Education member Claire Batt speaks with Frankfort High School freshman Junior Carter about his school work.

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Claire Batt brings international experience to the KBE

After spending time around the globe, Claire Batt brought her expertise back to Kentucky where she spent more than 30 years with Fayette County schools.
Alvis Johnson, left, a member of the Kentucky Board of Education, hears students in the Mercer County Day Treatment program discuss their beekeeping operation during a visit to the school

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Alvis Johnson attests to the life-changing value of education

Alvis Johnson, a member of the Kentucky Board of Education, was the first in his family to graduate high school and the first to go to college. He spent 28 years in public education as a teacher, coach and administrator.
Allison Slone works with a group of students in a classroom at McBrayer Elementary School (Rowan County). Submitted photo by Mandy Triplet, Feb. 12, 2020

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Allison Slone serving as first full-time teacher on state school board

Allison Slone, a special education teacher in Rowan County, has found herself in a position to speak up for her colleagues and her profession as the first active, full-time teacher to serve on the Kentucky Board of Education.