Educator Spotlight: Donnie Wilkerson

Donnie Wilkerson, a 5th-grade social studies teacher at Jamestown Elementary School (Russell County), loves to make learning history immersive and fun for his students.

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Educator Spotlight: David McCoy

David McCoy, the lead welding teacher at Pleasure Ridge Park High School (Jefferson County), has taken the program from its beginning in an old locker room to a bustling program with 141 students in just six years.

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Educator Spotlight: Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas didn’t take the “traditional” route to become the educator he is today. After graduating high school, Thomas did not initially attend college with the goal of becoming a teacher. Instead, he chose to apply the skills he learned in his agriculture classes, under teachers William Wallace Evans and Matt Chaliff at Taylor County High School, to pursue a career in welding.

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Educator Spotlight: Victoria Mohon

Victoria Mohon, an agriculture teacher at Christian County High School, helps her students work on both their strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing support for them beyond high school.

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Educator Spotlight: Tina Henry

Tina Henry, a special education teacher at Boyle County High School and a 2023 Kentucky Teacher Achievement Award winner, gives each of her students a chance to shine.

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Growing Together Preschool earns Family Friendly Early Care and Education certification

Denise Menshouse My name is Denise Menshouse and I am the executive director at Growing Together Preschool. We are a private, non-profit childcare agency striving to provide quality care for children and their families from birth to five, with and without disabilities. We are a 5 STAR and NAEYC accredited center and learned about the Family Friendly Early [...]

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Giving thanks this November

November is often considered as a month of thankfulness. With Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season, November is a good time to remember all of the positive things that have happened in our lives.

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