Saturday, October 23, 2021
KDE Employee Spotlight: Christina Johnson. "Knowing the difference that good food and a full belly makes to students really drives me and the whole branch to continue to perfect and work on this program."

KDE Employee Spotlight: Christina Johnson

This week we head over to KDE’s Division of School and Community Nutrition to spotlight Program Coordinator Christina Johnson.
KDE Employee Spotlight Joette Fields: "I get to work with some of the most amazing education leaders in the state as they implement policy and regulations to improve education for Kentucky's students."

KDE Employee Spotlight: Joette Fields

Executive Administrative Secretary Joette Fields has been with the Kentucky Department of Education since November of 2018. This isn’t her first stop with state government, however.
KDE Employee Spotlight: Agricultural Education Consultant Matt Chaliff. "Whether this is state officers of random members who I meet when they are younger and get to track over three or four years, I am amazed at the growth in ability that takes place in these young people."

KDE Employee Spotlight: Matt Chaliff

This week is National FFA Week, so the focus of KDE’s Employee Spotlight goes to KDE’s resident FFA expert, Matt Chaliff.
KDE Employee Spotlight: Shelby County Area Technology Center business instructor LaShonda Hardin. "The best part of my job is witnessing those points of growth. Getting to see my students successfully apply the skills and concepts they've learned in my class is great."

KDE Employee Spotlight: LaShonda Hardin

This week is #LoveTeaching Week and to continue to honor CTE Month, the KDE Employee Spotlight goes to one of KDE’s amazing Area Technology Center teachers, LaShonda Hardin.
KDE Employee Spotlight: Executive Adviser Leslie Slaughter

KDE Employee Spotlight: Leslie Slaughter

This week Leslie Slaughter is under the KDE Employee Spotlight. Learn more about her roles with the department and what she was doing prior to joining KDE.
Program Coordinator for Comprehensive School Counseling Damien Sweeney

KDE Employee Spotlight: Damien Sweeney

In the inaugural KDE Employee Spotlight,and in honor of National School Counseling Week 2020, we feature Program Coordinator for Comprehensive School Counseling Damien Sweeney.