Friday, December 4, 2020
Aaron Thompson

An Open Letter to the Class of 2020

As the head of public higher education in Kentucky, I’m usually asked to deliver at least one commencement address each May. If I were giving one this year, I’d probably start by offering both my congratulations and condolences.
Erin Ball, Kentucky’s 2020 Teacher of the Year

Dear Kentucky teachers, you’re doing a great job

In honor of the 2020 National Teacher Appreciation Week, Kentucky Teacher of the Year Erin Ball sends an open letter to all of the Commonwealth's educators to thank them for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Lauren Shackleford

Adapting and learning, but anxiously awaiting a return to a new normal

Corbin High School's Lauren Shackleford writes about how she is looking forward to reaching the new normal and moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
Damien Sweeney

We are all feeling a range of emotions at this time

COVID-19 is a global crisis. All of us have experienced a variety of emotions during this time. These feelings may continue for quite some time.
Sarah Davenport

And then suddenly … everything changed due to COVID-19

Fleming County's Sarah Davenport shares how COVID-19 impacted her senior year and she learned to cope with the changes.
David Cook

Creating a different kind of normal

“I sure am looking forward to when we get back to normal!” is the refrain I hear from many educators. But I think the better question is why do we want to get back to normal?
Erin Ball, Kentucky’s 2020 Teacher of the Year

Why teach?

Scott County's Erin Ball, the 2020 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, shares what brought her into the teaching profession and why she believes it's a rewarding field.
Interim Commissioner Kevin C. Brown

Interim Commissioner Kevin C. Brown’s March 20 letter to families

As the first week of school closures due to the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19 draws to a close, I want to thank you all for the changes in schedules and sacrifices you have had to make to help keep our students and communities safe.
Among the traveling exhibits provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is "Hamilton," which details Alexander Hamilton’s role in laying the foundation for today’s financial system. Photo submitted

Cleveland Fed offers resources on personal finance, economics, social studies

Field trips to learn about money. Traveling exhibits about history. Classroom activities on economics and financial literacy. These are just a few of the free resources – aligned with educational standards – that the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland offers to educators, libraries, community organizations and museums.
Students from Floyd Central High School (Floyd County) take part in an interactive music experience at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Photo submitted

Building community through inquiry: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

With inquiry at its core, the new Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies seek to empower students to think critically and to become active participants in the learning process. By incorporating inquiry-based learning, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is encouraging students to engage in open dialogue with both the teacher and classmates in a formal setting.