Considerations for Reopening Schools: Exceptional Learners and Preschool Students, Compensatory Education and Extended School Year Services, Daily Participation and Non-Traditional Instruction

By Sky Carroll

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) released three new COVID-19 reopening guidance documents on July 20 on special education and preschool students, compensatory education and student participation for non-traditional instruction (NTI).

One of the documents, “COVID-19 Considerations for Reopening Schools for Exceptional Learners and Preschool Students” provides guidelines and recommendations for the health and safety of special education and preschool students. The document includes guidance on things like social distancing, classroom environments, food distribution and masks.

Another document, “COVID-19 Considerations for Reopening Schools: Compensatory Education and Extended School Year Services” explains the differences between compensatory education and extended school year services. It also provides guidance on how to provide those services during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as through NTI.

The final document, “COVID-19 Considerations for Reopening Schools: Daily Participation and Non-Traditional Instruction” explains the different types of daily student participation, the types and uses of NTI and how districts will record daily participation for the 2020-2021 school year.

As the situation with the pandemic evolves, KDE is creating new guidance documents to meet the needs of Kentucky’s schools and districts. More guidance and resources can be found on KDE’s COVID-19 webpage.