Videos explore Next Generation Science Standards

Achieve and Teaching Channel have released four online videos that present an overview of key innovations in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and dive deeper into each of the NGSS’ three dimensions. The videos are publicly available for viewing on Teaching Channel’s website. The topics are: Next Generation Science Standards: A Vision for K-12 Science Education Crosscutting Concepts Science [...]

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EQuIP video demonstrates Student Work Protocol

A video offering an overview of how teachers can strengthen Common Core-aligned lessons through the Student Work Protocol has been released by Achieve and Teaching Channel. The video, the latest in the planned series that is part of Achieve’s Evaluating Quality Instructional Projects (EQuIP) initiative, is available for viewing on Teaching Channel's website. The Student Work Protocol is a process [...]

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Assessment inventory tool helps districts evaluate testing program

Achieve has launched the Student Assessment Inventory for School Districts, a tool which will enable district leaders to take stock of how many assessments are administered throughout a school year and for what purposes they give assessments. Designed from a student perspective, the tool can be used by education leaders to make decisions about what amount of testing is appropriate [...]

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NGSS second, final public draft to be released

Achieve announced last week that the second and final public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will be released the first week of January. Achieve encourages all interested parties to review the draft when it is released and provide feedback. The NGSS will be completed in March 2013. To read the announcement, click here. NSTA encourages science educators [...]

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Kentucky a lead state for new science standards development

Kentucky is among a group of 20 states selected to lead an important effort to improve science education for all students. The state group will lead the development of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that will clearly define the science content and practices all students will need to learn from kindergarten through high school graduation. The NGSS process is being [...]

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