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A letter to AP coordinators from Damien Sweeney

This is a reminder that the College Board’s AP program is working to provide all AP students access to learning during this unusual time. The Kentucky Department of Education wants to ensure you have all of the information necessary to help students be provided with equitable access and, thus, feel prepared for their exams.

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Computer science opportunities expanded for Kentucky students

Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt, state and national partners from AdvanceKentucky, the College Board, and Kentucky Sen. David Givens announced a new computer science initiative that will expand computer science learning opportunities for Kentucky public school students.

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Students score higher on Advanced Placement tests

Kentucky students who took rigorous Advanced Placement tests in May scored higher according to data released from the College Board. In fact, the number of students scoring at the top two levels is up between 4 and 5 percent from last year.

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A road map for moving forward

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday I wanted to share with you two reports that the Interim Joint Education Committee recently received that, for me, are of particular importance. The first came from the Advance Kentucky team, which provided an evaluation report for their outstanding program. The Advance Kentucky team utilized the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics to [...]

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More students taking, scoring higher on AP exams

The number of Kentucky public high school students taking Advanced Placement (AP) examinations and scoring at high levels continues to rise, data released today from the College Board indicate.  Since 2007, the number of Kentucky public high school students taking AP examinations has risen by nearly 44 percent. The number of tests scored at 3, 4 or 5 has increased [...]

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