Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Kids demonstrate their agricultural chops at the fair

I have a good time at the Kentucky State Fair. That’s no secret. And while I love a doughnut cheeseburger, I think the thing I like the most is watching everyone else have a good time.

Kentucky State Fair grows beyond agriculture

The Kentucky State Fair is one of my favorite assignments every year. I really enjoy seeing the students working with the animals in the barns. It’s always something I focus my photography on while I’m at the fair. After the barns, I wander the fair to see what else students are engaged in.

Heads up: School-produced beef, lettuce served to students

Two Central Kentucky districts are producing some of the food served in their school lunches.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s annual Poster and Essay contest

Agriculture Commissioner James R. Comer invites Kentucky students to create a poster or write an essay on agriculture’s impact in their everyday lives in...

Scientists, doctors or engineers needed

The application deadline for the 2012-13 AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships is Dec. 5. Placement opportunities are available in congressional offices and 15...

USDA report credits Kentucky Proud school cafeterias

A new federal report praises the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s efforts to get local foods onto the plates of school children throughout the state. The...

Keeping it rural

Students are actively engaged in agriculture lessons through the Mobile Science Activity Center.

Lone Oak ag program ‘isn’t just about cows, sows and plows’

McCracken County's agriculture program ensures that "students are able to apply what they learn in careers and in life."