A brand new band camp

Members of the Johnson Central High School Marching Band entered their first week of band camp with some new instruments, thanks in part to a famous alumnus.

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Beginning band for a beginning teacher

By Amy Wallot This was not the first time I have visited Auburn Elementary School. In 2013, I visited the Logan County school after it was named a National Blue Ribbon School. This time I was driving through the district and had some time to spare. It was near the end of the school day, so I followed a [...]

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The sounds of summer

I live near a high school. Actually, right next to one. As the days led up to the beginning of the school year, I could hear the marching band practice while sitting on the porch. The music, muffled some by trees, has a peaceful sound, in a radio-on-in-the-background kind of way.

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Getting a Boston education

By Amy Wallot Tucked away in western Nelson County is Boston Elementary School. It serves about 300 kindergarten through 8th-grade students and was designated a Kentucky School of Highest-Performance for 2011-12. I stopped in for a visit to the school recently and saw a wide variety of learning. It was a fun visit highlighted with an unexpected activity during [...]

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