Monday, December 6, 2021
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Tag: classroom management

A different way to get students to buy in

Fleming County's Amy Bolar said when you are trying to get student buy-in, it might be best to focus your efforts on a particular small set of students.

Are you ready to fly?

Grant County's Belinda Furman, the 2018 Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year, thinks there are a lot of similarities between packing for a vacation and preparing for a new school year.

Confessions of a former fourth-year teacher

Olmsted North Middle School teacher Andrew Beaver said it's often tougher to get experienced teachers to believe in professional development than new teachers. He knows professional development is for everyone.

Conference focuses on teaching troubled children

A conference on teaching children with emotional and behavioral problems will be held Dec. 13 in Georgetown. HSC Workshops is offering the conference for teachers,...