Thursday, January 27, 2022
Tags Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions

Tag: Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions

Making project-based learning work in an AP curriculum

Jefferson County's Andrew Waterhouse explains how project-based learning can fit into the Advanced Placement curriculum and get students more engaged.

The bridge to literary engagement

Owensboro's Stephanie S. Luckett says giving her students choice about which books they read through a "tasting menu" helped them become more engaged in their own learning.

Teaching teamwork through TV

Boyle County's Kate Fryar helped her 9th-grade students learn how to communicate and work together by getting them to create and film a TV pilot.

Educators invited to apply for CTEPS collaborative program

Teachers, interventionists and library media specialists are invited to join Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions (CTEPS) in a collaborative effort throughout the 2017-18 school...

Developing professionalism and collaboration among faculty

Lee County's Julia Durbin Bishop said professional learning communities and helped teachers come together when her district merged two schools over the summer.

The challenges of student choice

Boyle County Middle School teacher Danielle Burke says great things happened when she gave her students more time to ask questions.

Teacher leadership from the student’s perspective

Grant County's Shannon Brickler explains what students can learn when their teachers miss a few days in the classroom for professional learning opportunities.

Rethinking student learning and the role of engagement

Henderson County's Amy Kellen shares how she learned that student engagement, by itself, doesn't necessarily mean students are learning more.

Teacher-led professional development leads to innovation

Boyd County’s Carly Baldwin shares how she discovered what kind of wonderful things happen when teachers start networking.

Making time for teacher leadership

With endless to-do lists, it’s reasonable for teachers to hesitate in committing to any extra opportunities outside the classroom. Already over-committed, I contemplated applying to the Kentucky Network to Transform Teaching’s Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions (CTEPS) program.