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10 things I wish someone had told me about the teaching profession

I had the opportunity to speak at the annual Kentucky Educators Rising Conference at Bellarmine University in Louisville in March. Educators Rising is the career technical student organization for middle and high school students interested in education-related careers and the Educators Rising Conference is an annual gathering and showcase of Kentucky’s prospective teachers.

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Deeper learning is already happening in Kentucky’s classrooms

Back in December, I wrote a column about what I considered to be deeper learning, a topic that you probably hear educators discuss a lot these days. While we have avoided laying out an official definition from the Kentucky Department of Education so that those learning and working in our schools can help determine what it means, we do know that deeper learning can take several forms.

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Pay, support and respect critical to tackling teacher shortages

Emerging from the pandemic, we’ve all heard increasing concerns about the current state of the teaching profession, both here in Kentucky and nationally. As districts struggle with filling positions both in the classroom and in support roles, we are seeing some noticeable strains in the educator workforce.

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What is deeper learning?

Kentucky’s future vision for education, called United We Learn, was developed after listening to Kentuckians from all parts of the Commonwealth and represents what they said they wanted for our schools and their children when we took the time to listen. One major component of that vision is to create “vibrant learning experiences for every student.”

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Giving thanks to all of Kentucky’s outstanding teachers

I had the privilege in September of presiding over my first in-person Kentucky Teacher of the Year ceremony at the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda. There are two parts of my job that I find the most enjoyable. The first is when I get to visit classrooms and see our students deeply involved in learning.

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