Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Meeting the needs of gifted students in mixed-ability classrooms

Jefferson County's Sheri A. Rhodes said she felt like she was failing her gifted students because so much of her time was being spent on students who were below grade level, but then she discovered how differentiated instruction could help everyone in her classroom.

Get more hands-on by flipping your classroom

Hopkins County's Garris Landon Stroud says flipping his classroom gave him the opportunity to encourage deeper learning in his science classroom.

Bringing math to life through the workshop model

Christian County"s Emily Chandler and Jettie Payne explain how differentiation is at the heart of the Math Workshop model, which their district uses to reach students on their individual achievement level.

My life as a ‘flipped’ teacher

Discover what happened when one Boone County mathematics teacher decided to flip one unit in her Algebra I class.

We are not an island

Anderson County teacher Brandy Beasley shares her thoughts on why mentoring is key to keeping new teachers in the classroom.

Differentiating to meet students’ needs

By Sarah Reed Each year students enter my classroom with different levels of knowledge and individual learning styles. Not all students learn instructional content in...

Videos on differentiating instruction available

Differentiating instruction can feel like a formidable task, and it’s easy to get into the habit of “teaching to the middle” — presenting material...

Different paths for the same goal

Making differentiated instruction work is critical to student success, teachers agree.