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Deaf and hard of hearing students thrive with high expectations

Heidi Givens Throughout my time writing for Kentucky Teacher, I have tried to provide awareness about deafness and the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I have done my best to give voice to this unique group of students and the community and culture they represent. With September 22-29 being National Deaf Awareness Week, I deem [...]

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Questions to ponder about how best to educate deaf and hard-of-hearing students

Heidi Givens I spent Christmas Break catching up on some professional reading. Yes, I am an incessant learner. There are so many advances in our field that if we do not keep abreast of the recent research and practices, we are doing a disservice to our students. One book in particular that fascinated me is How Deaf Children [...]

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Kentucky Elementary School Teacher of the Year ‘paying it forward’

Elementary School Teacher of the Year Heidi Givens works with 7th-grade students RayAnna Hutchins and Nycheala Smith on reading skills at College View Middle School (Daviess County).Photo by Amy Wallot, Nov. 27, 2012 Compassion, the concern over another person’s well-being, is a character trait all teachers hope to instill in students. We give of ourselves every day, not just [...]

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