Harlan County

2017 Kentucky Winner’s Circle schools recognized

The Kentucky Department of Education recognized 10 Kentucky public schools on Sept. 18 for outstanding teaching and learning conditions. These Winners’ Circle schools were recognized for their effective teaching and school leadership practices and will be shared as models of best practices across the state.

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Superintendents’ Spotlight: Mike Howard, Harlan County

Mike Howard There are many great programs and activities taking place in the Harlan County school district. One of those the district’s administration is most pleased with is the success of the dual credit college classes offered at Harlan County High School through Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College. The program is a win-win situation for students and [...]

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A visit to Green Hills Elementary

By Amy Wallot amy.wallot@education.ky.gov Green Hills Elementary School sits north of the city seat of Harlan in Harlan County. The school, built in 1971, has about 170 students in grades kindergarten through 8th.  According to Principal Jonathan Perkins, there is one teacher per grade level. Which means most of the students have been with the same class of kids since [...]

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KJHS Conference and KHD winners

Kentucky students were rewarded for their talents in history at the Kentucky Junior Historical Society (KJHS) 2011 Kentucky History Day (KHD) recently in Frankfort. KHD is part of the National History Day program, which is an annual, year-long program designed to promote teaching and learning history in America’s schools. Students analyze the historical significance of their topics and present conclusions [...]

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Students, teachers adapting to technology advancements

Even 10 years ago, the phrase “less than a computer but more than a calculator” might have generated a collective shoulder shrug from students. But that was then, and this is now. Educator Mike Sexton envisions such devices as learning tools in the years to come.

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