Friday, December 3, 2021
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Solar eclipse demonstrates district’s capability to collaborate

Allen County plans to apply the lessons learned from planning for the recent total solar eclipse to future projects.

Board sets course for students’ global competency

At its meeting yesterday, the Kentucky Board of Education voted to move ahead with implementation of the World Language Program Review at the high...

Call for presenters for learning conference now open

The “Where Ideas Take FLIGHT (Future Lesson Ideas Gathered Here Today)” Institute, sponsored by Bullitt County Public Schools and the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative,...

Kentucky among state leaders in effective data use

Kentucky has earned high marks for its effective collection and use of educational data to improve student achievement.

Book review: Transformative Assessment in Action: An Inside Look at Applying...

Popham's book offers concrete ideas that will lead classroom teachers to a better understanding of the formative process and how it can help with student achievement.

Digital Learning Day is Feb. 1

Digital Learning Day is Wednesday, Feb. 1, and it culminates a year-round national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for all children. Digital learning is any...