Monday, January 24, 2022
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Tag: Kentucky Center for Statistics

Commissioner’s Student Advisory Council provides feedback on online assessments

Members of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Commissioner’s Student Advisory Council (SAC) had the opportunity to provide their feedback on the transition from paper to online state assessments that occurred during the previous school year.

Data points to Kentucky’s student outcomes crisis

Statistics that look into postsecondary outcomes for Kentucky students indicate that the number of students who are achieving success in postsecondary education isn’t what it should be.

Kentucky launches online tool to help people explore careers

he Kentucky Center for Statistics has launched a free, online Career Explorer Tool to allow students and job seekers to explore careers matching their knowledge, skills and abilities.

KDE and KYStats launch school proficiency dashboard

The Kentucky Department of Education, in partnership with the Kentucky Center for Statistics, has launched the Kentucky School Proficiency Dashboard, a web-based tool that compares proficiency levels of Kentucky schools and districts.