Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Tag: middle school

The challenges of student choice

Boyle County Middle School teacher Danielle Burke says great things happened when she gave her students more time to ask questions.

Strategic Education Research Partnership offers free literacy resources

The Strategic Education Research Partnership offers free tools for educators to help them teach word recognition, fluency and vocabulary in today’s classrooms.

Reeling in students for summer science and literacy with ‘Shark Week’

Oldham County's Kathy Beardsley integrated the Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week" and hands-on science activities at a Summer Literacy Camp for a one-of-a-kind science and literacy experience.

Funding the margins

Two teachers find ways to pay for learning experiences by thinking outside the budget.

Students learn history by creating it

Bullitt County teacher Doug Henry’s students learn about the past by imagining what could have happened.

A tool to build academic language in grades 6-8

The Strategic Education Research Partnership has created a free resource to increase students’ opportunities to develop academic language, discussion and argumentation skills.

Students taking action

Teachers learn how giving up some control prepares students to live and participate in a democratic society.

Learning to end hunger

Rowan County Middle School uses project-based learning to help students and the community.

Students, teachers and Delta take flight together

Delta Airlines and several school districts across Northern Kentucky have been working together to develop a STEM partnership that will benefit teachers, students, Delta employees and the local economy.

Middle schools can win up to $100,000 for lab makeover

Fab School Labs, an online contest in which five schools can win an “extreme makeover” for their science, math, engineering or technology laboratories, is...