Untapped potential: Identifying gifted minority students

Warren County's Stephanie Beason says educators, schools and districts need to take extra steps when identifying students who could be best served in a gifted program to make sure they are not overlooking children due to their background or home lives.

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Dreamers wanted

Before a thing can be made, it has to be imagined. But in order to be tomorrow’s dreamers, today’s students need to have a sound backing in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

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Change in Reporting Due Date: MERR Report

Each year, districts are required to submit a Minority Educator Recruitment and Retention (MERR) report on their efforts to increase the percentage of minority teachers. In years past, the report was due by Oct. 1. As a result of the implementation of the redesigned system, the MERR report will be due on or before July 31. The new Kentucky Educator [...]

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