Saturday, November 27, 2021
Tags National Teacher Appreciation Week

Tag: National Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate yourself during Teacher Appreciation Week

Remember sitting in your undergraduate education classes, being bombarded with hypothetical situations to play out in your mind? That was scary. There were lots of things that made us think, “Is that really going to happen?” We had no idea what we were in for.

Don’t forget to #ThankATeacher to show your appreciation this May

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week will be May 3-7. This year’s theme is #ThankATeacher. I am thankful every day for the teachers who have helped and inspired me along the way.

Thanking Kentucky’s public school teachers

May is always a special time of the year in education because that’s when we celebrate national Teacher Appreciation Week, which this year is being celebrated May 4-8.

A thank you to teachers from Interim Commissioner Kevin C. Brown

There are times when merely saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough and this is certainly one of those times. We pause each year at this time during National Teacher Appreciation Week to express our gratitude for the important work you do.

Giving thanks to all of Kentucky’s teachers

Teaching is a demanding profession. To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, scheduled for May 7-11, I'd like to thank all of Kentucky's educators for the outstanding things they do for their students every day.

Taking your place at the table

It is Teacher Appreciation Week – a time that should be celebrated on the highest levels, but is often overlooked. So, if you will...

Give a shout-out to teachers who made a difference in your...

It’s national Teacher Appreciation Week and it’s a great time to think of and thank those teachers who have influenced your life.

A thank you to teachers, school personnel for all their hard...

We are coming to the end of another school year -- made longer thanks to this year’s difficult winter -- and I know many...