Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Tag: professional learning community

Why through-course tasks should be seen as an opportunity

Boyle County's Cheyenne Mills says through-course tasks are wonderful tools that support how teachers and administrators look at science instruction .

Why we need vertical alignment in mathematics

Boyle County's Cheyenne Mills says vertically aligning math classes in elementary school is essential to making sure students are prepared for Algebra 1.

Developing professionalism and collaboration among faculty

Lee County's Julia Durbin Bishop said professional learning communities and helped teachers come together when her district merged two schools over the summer.

Why engage in professional learning communities/teams?

The professional learning community is a buzzword in the educational world, with schools and districts setting up schedules and mandating PLC time. Some educators, however, wonder if the original intent and purpose of professional learning communities has been lost.

Math matters question of the month

Share your thoughts about November's math question with the Kentucky Department of Education mathematics consultants.

Using PLCs to support the Mathematics Design Collaborative work

Professional learning communities can be a great support for teachers involved with the Mathematics Design Collaborative.

Why master coaches and coaching matter

Berea Independent's Jennifer Donnelly shares her thoughts on why instructional coaches, although sometimes not well defined, matter in today's classrooms.

What is the Mathematics Design Collaborative?

The Mathematics Design Collaborative provides teachers with an instructional framework and processes to facilitate true formative assessment within and between units of study

Building capacity through co-teaching

Covington Independent’s Tiffany Gruen shares her story about how co-teaching made both her and a colleague better in the classroom.

PLCs: Worth the work

Jefferson County's Joshua DeWar shares why he thinks professional learning communities are the tool to help students achieve.