Pirates in space

Berea Community High School students planned and carried out an investigation that took place above their classroom. Actually, 107,000 feet above their classroom to be exact!

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Grants offered to project-based learning classes, groups

The Kentucky Association of School Administrators’ Student Impact Grant Opportunity offers grants of up to $2,500 for schools that use project-based learning in their classrooms and give back to their community or the global community. Students or classes from any grade level in Kentucky schools may apply for the grants, which will be awarded to project-based learning classes or groups [...]

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Student-led, project-based learning competition underway

The Clean Tech Competition is a global research and design challenge for student ages 15-18 that promotes educational trends towards student-led, project-based learning. This year’s theme, “A Solution to Pollution”, challenges teams of student innovators to design a clean technology solution to this real-world problem.  Students will work in teams to research a specific issue and design a solution.  Finalist [...]

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Full STEAM ahead

STEAM students are on the fast track to college- and career-readiness.

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