Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Museum resources for the social studies classroom

The new Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies look very different from the old ones. Perhaps the most notable change is the new emphasis on Kentucky studies, a subject once relegated to 4th grade but now addressed in every K-12 classroom.

Check out these new arts resources

Here are some resources to help you integrate and implement the arts into your school’s classrooms.

Free resources for Black History Month

This February, the Allan Houston Foundation is providing EverFi’s 306-African American History digital resource to Kentucky schools at no cost.

Bring history smArts to your school

The Kentucky Historical Society brings standards-based, art-infused history lessons to your classroom.

Making math exciting and relevant in 2017

It can be difficult to articulate how mathematical thinking applies to the real world, but we know that igniting a passion for math can create incredible future opportunities for our students with high-income STEM job growth on the rise.

Make your school a healthier place for everyone

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model calls for schools, families and communities to work together to create healthier school environments.

Learn how to create a healthy school community

RMC Health, a professional development organization, has released a tool to assist schools in transforming into healthy school communities.

Free mini-course about global education

Primary Source – a developer of global online professional learning and resources – in collaboration with the National Educational Associate, have a comprehensive four-hour long mini professional learning course about global education.

Strategic Education Research Partnership offers free literacy resources

The Strategic Education Research Partnership offers free tools for educators to help them teach word recognition, fluency and vocabulary in today’s classrooms.

Campaigning for coherence in math

Kentucky teachers have been engaged with the Kentucky Core Advocate network to support the implementation of Kentucky’s Academic Standards and help bring math coherence to the state’s classrooms.