Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Tags Teacher leader on special assignment

Tag: teacher leader on special assignment

Activating teaching leadership

Brandy Beasley shares how Second Street Elementary School in Frankfort empowered teachers to take a leadership role.

Kentucky Reading Project: Too good to be true?

The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development’s Kentucky Reading Project provides teachers with free graduate credit, high quality professional learning and a great opportunity to improve their literacy instruction.

‘So, what theory are we going to test today, Dr. Gunter?’

Former laboratory technician Angela Gunter may have left the medical profession to become a teacher, but she still believes in using the best ideas from other professions to make her teaching stronger.

Let me tell you a story

We’ve spent our careers advocating for our students and now it’s time to advocate for our profession and ourselves. We can impact, influence and change the public narrative around public education.