Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Tag: Teachers Passing Notes

2021 Kentucky Teacher of Year Donnie Piercey presents Year in Review...

As his year as 2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year (KTOY) comes to a close, Donnie Piercey had the opportunity to reflect on his past year before passing the torch to the 2022 KTOY winner Willie Edward Taylor Carver Jr.

KBE approves state-funded preschool per-child rates for 2021-2022

The Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) at its June 2 meeting heard how the preschool per-child funding rates will be impacted due to a decrease in state-funded preschool enrollment during the pandemic, as well as plans to help schools with student recruiting efforts and providing reassurance to parents about in-person services.

2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year launches Teachers Passing Notes project

Donnie Piercey’s life has been so consumed with helping his students survive COVID-era learning that he has had little time to think about much else. With the school year ending and a new opportunity on the horizon with the Kentucky Department of Education, he now has the chance to focus on his Teachers Passing Notes project.