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Honor an educator through UK recognition program

The University of Kentucky College of Education hosts the Teachers Who Made a Difference program to give people the opportunity to honor educators who challenged, supported and inspired them.

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UK to hold agriculture Biotech Day

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment will host Biotech Day for high school students, parents and teachers July 22 in the Plant Science Building on the UK campus in Lexington.

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UK offers mastery learning institute

The University of Kentucky College of Education is offering a summer learning institute on implementing mastery learning June 27-28 at NorthEast Christian Church in Lexington.

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UK School of Music hosting Dalcroze institute

The University of Kentucky School of Music will offer its UK Dalcroze Institute on the Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach to music education July 10-21 in Lexington. The workshop – designed for educators, musicians, dancers and music specialists – teaches participants how to refine their musicianship and teach music through the Dalcroze approach, which focuses on rhythmic movement, refined musicality and improvisation [...]

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UK to host Expanding Your Horizons Conference

The University of Kentucky will host the Expanding Your Horizons Conference for middle school girls April 29 at UK’s Jacobs Science Building in Lexington. The conference will give girls the chance to meet STEM role models and gain exposure to opportunities in STEM fields. Parents and guardians who attend will get information on important topics such as planning for college. [...]

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Presentation on UK horticulture science track offered

Rebecca von Groote, the academic coordinator for the University of Kentucky’s horticulture, plant and soil science degree, offers a presentation on the crop, soil and horticulture science track that is an option for students who express an interest in research-based STEM careers. Von Groote’s presentation discusses the major, highlights some of the faculty’s recent and diverse research efforts and talks [...]

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Panel discussion on genetics, genomics set in Lexington

The University of Kentucky’s Department of Biology and the Friends of the Lexington Public Library will present a panel discussion on genetics and genomics Oct. 19 at the Lexington Public Library Central Library. The discussion is designed to engage the general public in current topics in genetics and genomics, such as genome editing and manipulation, agricultural genetics, genetically modified organism [...]

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